Sunday, January 13, 2013

Meet me in the Garden! (The Sunface Steps)

I started out with a sketch, the top photo. Then I scanned it, enlarged it, and printed it out. Then I took a  circle and straightened up my outside.  I had already fixed the paper to match the fish, so using my lightbox, I traced the sketch.

 Here you can see it on the quarter sheet.

The next two photos show the close up. You can see the paper, and the drawing.

 I love the little paper squares in this paper.
I don't remember where I got it. Maybe at Varsity Book Store in Lubbock.
Some of the paper has gold metallic threads.
One piece has holes, and threads.
Here is the first of the color being added.
and below is more paint.
Then the finished Sunface. 


Leada Wood said...

Suzy you inspire me! You are getting better and better! I am really enjoying your ceramic paintings from the garden center. I can see where the sketchbook challenge has given you more confidence in your painting. I am going to strive to try that myself this year, hard to throw away the eraser! Thanks for sharing!

Suzy Pal Powell said...

thank you Leada!!