Monday, January 14, 2013

Bubbles-Meet me in the Garden Series

Here is the fourth of the 'Meet me in the Garden' Series.  After doing the first one, I was hooked and wanted to do the others. These were all done from my sketches. After sketching, I scan it, and enlarge it, and then use my light box. I did all the work on the sketch. Sure makes the painting part a lot easier!
I put the close up so you could see the specks of paper that I glued down using matte medium. It almost looks like bubbles so that is why I named it...'Bubbles'.


christiane fortin said...

Suzy I'm telling you I just adore those little guys. Love the colors and the style actually everything about them.

more more ..... and as I have mentioned before you should get something done with this.

Leada Wood said...

Suzy do you just glue the paper around your sketch not on it? I like Bubbles as well! Makes more interest in the background.