Friday, May 10, 2013

Sketches for the week

Copyright Suzy 'Pal' Powell
Do Not Copy
There has been a lot of people lifting art work from our blogs, and websites, and using them for cards, etc. and so this is just a reminder that these are all originals, and the copyright belongs to me. Please be respectful and don't use without permission.
Home Sweet Home
Crane, TX
These are sketches I have done this week. Is not always easy to sketch each day.
  We had a funeral this past week, and I got some photos there in that little town, (Crane, TX)
 then when we started home we came back through Seagraves, TX and took photos of old cars and pick-ups. These are sketches from the week. The white flower at the bottom was with the old cars. The very last one is from my branding day.  The black and white sketch was done with an Elegant Writer. When you put water on it, it turns really pretty colors. I also use and love the watercolor Visual Journal, along with a Tombow pen and watercolor.
Green Studebaker

Keri's Patio

White Weeds

All Grown Up-Crane,TX
The Roper-Plains, TX


Catharina Engberg said...

If you see someone has copied a painting, please tell! I fellt really bad about reading about it!! That there are people not respecting this. I hope that they atleast don´t try to fool anyone about WHO has made those art works!
NOW I will have further look at your new post. The little I saw before this :( comment was great! Have a nice weekend!

CrimsonLeaves said...

It is funny you should mention the copyright issues, Suzy. I browse art on Etsy all the time and several times I would have sworn a piece I was looking at was done by a blogger that I follow, only to click on the shop and find it is not that blogger's shop. Of course, it may just be similar to the blogger's work and I could be off my nut, but it is weird that your words echo some of my own sightings on the internet.

I love your sketches and work here. All of it is wonderful and the colors just exquisite. I'm really intrigued by the line sketch in which you've used ink or watercolor to fill in background and shadows.