Friday, June 13, 2014

Backyard Gallery and Studio

This past month has been such fun getting my little Backyard Gallery and Studio fixed up! These are photos of the progress.  I painted the floor with two coats of yellow first.
I found a floor design that I liked but couldn't find the stencil so I made my own. This is the first one being painted on! Keri, Kiana and Kelsey helping me with the first one.
The next one is finished. I was so glad. Never again will I paint a floor! It was such a hard job, but worth it now.
I put two coats of heavy duty floor varnish on it when it dried.
The next photo is tables and chairs set up. Ken surprised me with the tables and a friend and I bartered with the chairs. They look great and are so comfortable.
The next photo is one corner set up. I still haven't been able to figure out how to hang my paintings. I use the folding screen to hang the light weight canvases on. This is what I use when I go to shows too. I use S hooks, and some Christmas light hangers on it. Works Great and is lightweight to carry around. The last photo is just for fun. I love bird nests!

 I am teaching my first watercolor class next Friday, the 20th, then July 25-26 I will be teaching my first collage workshop in it! I have 10 students and have room for 2 more if anybody is interested. It is $80.00 for the 2 days. Contact me if you are interested.


Helen Shideler said...

This place looks amazing, so bright and fun! wishing I lived closer to take your collage worshop

itsbebe said...

I love the way you did it. very inspiring. the decorations make it so fun!

Jane Freeman said...

It looks so great!!! Such a happy place for sure! I wish I lived closer too Helen as I have always wanted to take that collage class...maybe we should just go and surprise Suzy!!!~

Suzy Pal Powell said...

thanks Helen! I wish you did too! thanks Itsbebe! and Jane, come on! I would love it! I hope it is happy fun and creative! that is my goal.

Christiane Fortin said...

It's so beautiful I'm sure it will bring joy and creativity to many.

Kay Smith said...

Looking great my friend! Your dream has finally happened. I'm so proud of you!