Friday, May 22, 2020

New Work

I have been working pretty hard trying to improve on my painting. I wish it wouldn't take so long! I have so much to learn.
I started an 8 week  online class  with Laurie Goldstein Warren and have enjoyed it a lot.
 We have 2 online demos a week and once a week a zoom meeting. We are using liquid watercolors or acrylic. Our choice.  All of these are watercolor.  If you paint or want to learn, she is an awesome teacher, mentor and friend.

The Church sold and that is exciting when someone likes your work enough to pay for it!  I will be selling all of these for the same price. They are big. They will frame out about 22x28 or 30x32 'ish'.
1. Junk Yard
2. Monday Wash
3.Santa Fe, NM

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