Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Card Workshop

 This past week end I had a one day class for painting Christmas paintings, then turning it into a card.
I did two fences. One with just one color, the rest black, and then one in color.  Some did the fence and some did their own painting.
We did the painting, then they learned how to take a good photo,
and put in the computer, to crop, enhance, and then turn it into a card.
It was a lot of fun.Or I had fun anyway! I love sharing what I have learned.
a friend, Paige Lollar is taking photography classes and she ask if she could photo us during the class.  I really like the black and white photo!

Suzy Pal

Suzy Pal

Wadonna's Cat and Fence

Karen's Snow Man

Marcea's Fence
Walt's 2 paintings

At the Fair

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