Saturday, May 17, 2014

My New Gallery/Studio

I am so excited! Today my new building arrived that will eventually be a small gallery, and a place for workshops! We set it at the west end of my art room, where I will continue to work.  This is just for a gallery for my work, and a place to teach workshops. I have 2 other artists scheduled to come already.
You can see how desolate it is here, Going on 4 years with no rain. Our yard is completely gone. No flowers, etc. Is discouraging but I know that we will get rain when God is ready.
It is 14'x24' so it is small but I think it will be perfect! All is invited when I get it all fixed up!
Not sure on the name yet. I am considering 'Backyard Gallery and Studio' but not sure. any ideas?

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