Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sketchbook Workshop

 We are having a sketchbook workshop, June 22-23rd in Plains, TX.  If you are close by and want to join us, email me, and I will give you the details.
Sketchbooks are such fun! You can be free, and just enjoy sketching and painting both.  You don't need very many supplies. a good watercolor sketchbook, a pencil, sharpie and a small watercolor kit if you want to paint it. I love sketchbooks, and have a stack that I have done over the years. Just drawing every day things around us.

 Old truck drawn with a sharpie
 Chef figurines drawn in sketchbook, then using watercolors

 Cotton using a fine tip sharpie and watercolor

The Wash Day is a sketch I did while in Lincoln, NM. That is a wonderful place to go and sketch and paint. I have so many fun memories from being there...sitting on the street, drawing and painting their little town. If you ever sketch on location, you will be hooked forever!

Fun Portraits

 I love doing faces...I am using watercolor and gouache on watercolor paper. These are 9x12.