Saturday, September 4, 2010

Time to Renew

'Time to Renew'
I thought I would look through some of my older paintings, and this one was sold 2 years ago.
It was fun to do, with all the rust, and texture, plus the weeds. It is the sort of thing I love to paint. This license plate was on an old pick up that I found around here. It has been hauled off since I got the photo! Always have your camera! You just don't know what you might miss.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

El Paso International Art Show

The "Woven Cactus" (that was posted earlier) "Summer Time" and "Three's Company"
were all accepted into the El Paso International Art Show. The show is September 25th-October 9th. Now the fun part of getting them boxed up and shipped!

At the Fair

I was acceptd into the New Mexico watercolor society show again this year. It will be in Las Cruces NM instead of Albuquerque NM The theme ...