Sunday, November 4, 2012

75 Day Sketch Challenge-Day 21

 Brenda Swenson, A sketch artist does this 75 day Sketch Challenge, and I decided to join in.
I started it Oct.14th, Using ink and pen only. No pencil or erasers. That is hard for me because I love my pencil! AND eraser!  Starting with just pen is very intimidating, but I am on day 21 and have enjoyed it, after the first week!
The cotton and pens were sketched from life. The flowers and pumpkins were drawn from photos.
I did the fountain pens when I saw that it was National Fountain Pen day! What a funny thing to have.
These are not in exact order because this blog thing doesn't put them on in the order you pick them! and I haven't figured out how to move them.


Nathalie Kelley said...

Love the pen and ink!!!
FYI. You can drag and drop them to a different place. When you are over the image you will also see some choices: right, left, center, delete...
Hope this will work.

Suzy Pal Powell said...

thanks Nathalie! i have tried dragging them w/o any luck. i will try it again. yes i know about moving them right or left. on one, i deleted, and then added them in order. but usually am in a hurry.

Watermarycolors said...

Beautiful job, congrats

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