Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting Ready for a Demo


I was invited to come to Midland and do a Watercolor, Woven painting demo. Most of the time, If I am going to weave a painting, it is usually because I am not real happy with the painting, and this just adds some fun texture.  Feel free to download the drawing and try it for yourself!  The drawing is done from the painting below it. It is the original I did years ago and nobody wanted it, so I  got it out, and traced another one same size.  I knew I had done this spraying it and splattering it, so I drew off 2 (saving the old original for demo).  I painted two quickly, using my spray bottle, splattering some as I went.  I tried to paint one light and one dark. or yellow and orange and red, but making sure the colors were NOT the  same.  You can tell by looking at the bottom photo where the flowers are different values.    You can use your own painting if want. If you do, please send me what you do! I would love to see it. Even if you use mine. You don't have to spend a lot of time, and try to do a lot of detail.
Original OLD ugly painting
 2 paintings woven together
After getting two painted, cut one in strips, different sizes vertically, leaving attached at the top. You can tape it or clip it to a board. You can use scissors or a rotary cutter. (I used scissors since they were handy, and the painting was small (1/8th sheet)

After cutting the first one vertically..(You can see I didn't cut all the way through) then cut the 2nd one horizontally. different widths, etc. (don't' worry about straight) then start weaving back and forth like you did in kindergarten, When we made placemats, You will have to leave some pieces out, to make the flowers and stems match up. (I just lay the next strip on top to see if it matches, if not, I lay it aside and cut another one. You have to keep them scooted together tight, and when you finish, turn it over and use masking tape and tape around the edges, so it wont' come undone.
You can do any painting this way! It is fun, and gives it a different look. You can not love it too much to cut it up.. If you do, paint something else.
This just gives it a different look, almost abstract look to it.

The Demo is April 9th in Midland, at the Palette Club. I may do this flower, or decide to do something different.  I am thinking I need to enlarge this one so that it will show up more as I  demo.



Autumn Leaves said...

What a unique way to save a painting! I love it!

Unknown said...

That's so intriguing! I love this technique! Wow! You've created a beautiful work of art that would be a conversation piece for anybody who saw it. It's mesmerizing!

Suzy Pal Powell said...

Thank you CrimsonLeaves and Katherine! it is fun to do something different!

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