Friday, September 21, 2012

Trip to Seattle Washington

Wow! It has been a long time since I posted!  I have had a lot going on.  My daughter, Keri and I went to Seattle on the 13th, for a week.  We had a blast, and saw a lot of pretty flowers, water and boats! One day we drove into Canada and had lunch at Granville Island. It was such a fun place! Not to mention so beautiful.  We even found an art store! OPUS.  I have seen their ads, or catalogs, so of course I had to go in and buy something! We went to the Chihuly Garden...and it was breathtaking.  Dale Chihuly is a very talented man, with a lot of Vision. We also visited an art store that I order from...Daniel Smith. Of course I had to buy a few supplies there too!

 Draw Bridge Sign...Didn't get a good photo of the Bridge!
 In the Space Needle
 beautiful Flowers at Pikes Place Market
 Granville Island, in Canada
 Keri at the Locks. It was her favorite place. It is where the boats come in from Lake Washington and go into the Ocean at Pugent Sound. (I think!) there was 2 gates. they would come into one, and the water would disappear, and they would sink down about 30 feet, then they opened another gate and the water came in and lifted them up to sea level. was very interesting. The men working there had on harnesses and they were tied to the fence. That would be pretty scary!
 This is at Pikes Place Market. I think it is a beautiful shot!
 Going into Canada
 Another sunset
 At the Locks. This little tug boat was pulling 2 long things.....and he was on his way to pick up gravel and sand. The guy hung out the window and talked to us.
 I love any place I can get good photos! and I think this is a good one!
 AND this one! I love.....for some weird reason!

 This is the gum wall. ICK! that is ALL gum. and it was a long hallway just covered!
 This is another of my favorites. I got a new lens before we left, and am so thankful I did. I think I got some really good photos!!
This is in Canada...all the boats.

 More of Dale Chihuly's glass.It was just so beautiful!
 This was the entrance as you walked in! just beautiful glass everywhere!
This glass piece was outside. I guess they don't have hail storms there!

At Daniel Smiths Art Store. Wow What a place! they had stuff I have never seen in the catalogs! Was a lot of fun there too!

At the Fair

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