Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sketchbook Skool week 6 with Liz Steel

Liz Steel is the instructor this week. You should google her work. she is awesome! (I don't know the link) She has filled over 100 sketchbooks.
She loves to sketch tea cups, and so that is what I tried first, experimenting with the backgrounds.
I don't have any fancy cups to work from either, so I googled them, and found these 3 that I liked.
We are also supposed to do a building, and so I guess that is next!
She has a technique I hadn't thought of, and that is draw with a watercolor pencil first, then go over with ink, and when you paint it, it disappears into the paint.  I will do that more on difficult subjects.  Is a good thing to know.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sketchbook Workshop-September 12-13

I am getting excited about our sketchbook workshop!  Below are some examples of what I have sketched.. I ordered some supplies, and  can't wait to share them. I also found some fun stuff too! I have been sketching for years, but taking the sketchbook skool online has opened a whole new world of sketching for me! Ways to sketch I hadn't seen or thought of! I hope to share as much as I can in 2 days! I have a few spots left if you are interested.  You really don't need much for this workshop.  That's the beauty of sketching and sketchbooks.  I have the tombow markers, and some pencils.  Just bring a good sketchbook, pencils and pens you have from home, as well as a small watercolor set IF you have one. If you DON'T , don't worry about it, you can use mine, then you can get what you want later.  Colored pencils will work if you want to bring those. I will send out some more info soon.
 I thought this class would be a good beginning for those who plan to take the journaling class from Nancy Standlee Oct.17-18.  I am so looking forward to having her here. She is so much fun, and knows more art techniques than I will ever know!  I only have 2 spots left for her class if you want to come be sure and let me know asap.
I will post some of  her journal pages in the next blog post.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Breckenridge and Plains Art Shows

 This was a busy week with art shows! We had our Yoakum County Art Asc. show all week, and I got a 1st in 3 divisions.  Also, the Breckenridge Texas show started and I won an award there. I had 2 collages in the show. Keri and I went to the reception. It was a long drive but we had a lot of fun. It was a beautiful show.  Several Well known artists  paintings were there, and what a thrill to get to see their work!  Also, there was a painting there of a hotel sign from Plains! We loved getting to see it as well. I wish the artist had been there.
. We also got to eat fish in a little place we used to go when we would go fishing. (we never caught any, plus theirs was probably better!) I am blessed that my daughter enjoys going to art things with me!

Yoakum County entries , Wyoming Landscape, Woven Barn, and Lester.



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