Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lone Star

'Lone Star'
12 x 12 canvas
This is another Torn paper collage, with very little acrylic, mainly for a shadow.
This is also for the Austin Show, and I made sure Austin showed on the Texas map.
Not that it would matter, but somebody might like it on there! I tried to make it more
masculine, not so 'girl-ee.'


Margie Whittington said...

Your collages just keep getting better and better. The spur and the buckel look real. Thanks for sharing!

Carole Berry said...

Hi Suzy I just love the new turn of your work. The boot on the map is just wonderful. Love it.
Carole Berry

Carole Berry said...

Suzy I just love the new collage work your doing. Love the boot on the map. Looks super good
Carole Berry

mollie jones said...

Just more wonderful creativity from you, Suzy. I know that Austin will love your work.

mollie jones said...

I'm with Margie...your collages are getting better and better. Love this one too.

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